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Why does Lovingly Natural exist?

Lovingly Natural was created to help people see that by using essential oils and natural ingredients this can help your skin to glow. It is important that we look after our bodies to lead a happier healthier life. Essential oils not only care for your skin but also help you with your moods. There are oils you can use to help you feel more energised such as Peppermint or if you are struggling to sleep Lavender works wonders. I have created this business to draw attention to other modalities such as yoga, herbal tea, meditating etc.

Life is busy and I want women to enjoy their lives and feel that pampering is a reflection of how they feel about themselves. If you love yourself you love your body and running a bath and taking time to relax is just as essential as eating. The world won't stop if you take some time out that could be lying in the bath with a glass of wine, reading a book, getting some sleep. If you feel good about yourself people around you notice this and it encourages them to do the same.

Stop being frazzled and go and sparkle like the true sexy woman that you are meant to be. I have lots of fun products that you can use in the bath or shower that will give your skin that healthy glow all year round. Enjoy looking round my website and if you have any questions feel free to contact me I am more than happy to help you. Keep reading life is about to get so much FUN!

About Melanie Whittaker the Creator of Lovingly Natural

Hi everyone well thanks for stopping by and seeing what I'm all about. I love to make skincare products it's my passion. I love having relaxing baths, reading, listening to music and travelling (preferably somewhere hot). I live just outside of Brighton in the UK and was born in Manchester in the UK. I am mixed race and my mother is American and my father is British so a bit of a mongrel. I'm at my happiest lying round a pool reading a book and sipping a cocktail. I love trance music and have visited and worked in Ibiza. I have had the amazing opportunity to travel to lots of exotic places in the world and just love the scent of tropical flowers. You will notice this when you see what essential oils I use in my products as they transport you to being at the beach which in my books is "my happy place". I love meeting people and learning about different cultures. I've always been a city chick and worked as a secretary and now that I'm here in Sussex I'm embracing the coast and the countryside. I love watching chick flicks and I would say Moulin Rouge and Sex and The City films are my two favourites. If I was an animal I think I would be a cat as they are very independent, love to sleep and come alive at night. Now you know what I'm about connect with me on social media or send me an email and let me know what's happening in your world I love to get to know my community wherever you are on this lovely planet. Life is an adventure and its even better when you pamper yourself along the way. Great to meet you and go get your happy on and have a look at ways you can pamper yourself and make every day a celebration of life. I view this space of the internet as sacred as my home so kick your shoes off, pour yourself a drink and dive in. So glad you're here ;o)